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Ca$hMire du 24 juillet 2020 - Entrevue avec la DG de l'école de techno CodeBoxx, Nadya Fortier (1 de 3) La directrice de l'école de technologies CodeBoxx, Nadya Fortier, passe au micro de Ca$hMire. Avec Pierre Couture, elle discute des débuts de l'école, de sa forte croissance, des nouveaux campus à venir et des défis de l'industrie.

Ideal for any level of content creator Reliable platform working for all types and grades of users
User-friendly One-Stop Shop reducing the number of tools needed to produce, augment, secure, publish, control, monetize and analyze content.
Production Valet On-demand services that will allow any podcaster to sound like professionals. Publish to multiple popular content platforms!

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  • Record and upload content seamlessly.
  • Intuitive Metadata management.
  • Publish Content through RSS Feed compliant with all popular publishers.
  • Social Sharing to build audience.
  • Offer premium content through subscription or through podcast purchase.
  • Orchestrate advertising through AdBoxx.
  • Track performance and reach of content through advanced statistics.
  • Operate entire Radio Stations reliably with minimal workforce.
  • Even up the quality of content any hour of every day.
  • Provide a Multimedia home for all shows and all hosts.
  • Extend the life of live content by making it available on-demand.

Our Services

PodBoxx offers a variety of tools to help you become a professional.

PodBoxx Organization Manager Manage your organization profile and create stations and channels to organize your content and maximize its reach.
PodBoxx Podcast Manager Upload or import your content, edit it online and give it all the bells and whistles that will maximize velocity.
PodBoxx Content Bundling Curate your content perfectly and deliver the full story to your audience.
PodBoxx Advanced Statistics See what works, what doesn't, see what channels you should double down on and what aspect of your content is the most desirable to your audience.
PodBoxx AdBoxx Campaign Manager Monetize your content through your advertising partners or with ours. See how your campaigns perform across all mediums.
PodBoxx Website Manager A Website template of your choice connected to our media engine gives your content a context and upgrades your audio with interactive web features.
PodBoxx PodBoxx Valet Think of it as your own on-demand producer delivering a full range of services like production, publication, insights delivery and can even provide advice for the next editions of your podcast.
PodBoxx Media Factor What starts as a podcast can also be converted in the form of a blog post, a press article, a reporter even the chapter of a book.

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